Rude Rock / Hot Rod Shuttles

Downhill biking heaven!


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce two heavy weights of the downhill biking world on one trail.

\We have the legendary Rude Rocks – known throughout New Zealand as being one of the top DH tracks around. It’s 3 Km of beautiful flowing single track that winds down Coronet Peaks slopes. There’s some wicked natural kickers and some steep rock garden sections which has been bringing pure joy to Downhill bikers for a number of years. As our chief mechanic and expert rider puts it

“It’s the easiest of the advanced trails around but don’t get too comfortable as she can get a bit wild at times. Still, this is one mean ride! Yeew!”

On to our next and newest contender – Hot Rod! Named after Rod the farmer who’s land it is and with the help of QTMBC and QT trails built this in November 2020. This trail will blow your mind and links straight on from Rude Rock. Crossing over the road and entering Coronet Face Water Race connector trail, you will ride for 10 minutes before seeing the sign for the start of this next adrenaline pumping trail.

And, OMG what an epic trail. It’s got beautiful flowing single track over freshly built berms, easy table tops and drops. It moves into a slightly muddy treeline with multiple lines to hit and epic views and you finish out on Malaghan’s Road where we will shuttle you back to the top to do it all again.

Mainly grade 3 riding with some safe jumps but occasional grade 4 stuff thrown in for good measure. Advance riders only and please wear protective clothing and full faced helmets. Always ride within your ability and take your first run slowly. Check out the run on trail forks for updated and not available in heavy rain or in Winter as the trail is quite exposed to the elements.

What we do?

Pick you up from Queenstown after you’ve rented your bikes or have brought your own. Note: Dual suspension DH/ Enduro bikes recommended.

From there it’s a 20 minute ride to the top of Coronet Peak. We will drop you off near the base building where you have a 10 minute ride to the top of Rude Rock. It will take 20-30 minutes to get back down to the main road. We will do this as many times as you require in 4 hours. Bring water and a packed lunch as there’s nowhere to shop. Once finished we will drive you and your bike back to Queenstown for finish your epic day!

The price?

$90 for 4-hours. Includes transport to and from Queenstown. Includes shuttle runs in the time frame. Must bring own bike, safety equipment and water. 


We run subject to availability and not after heavy rain or in the Winter. We require a minimum of 4 to run a trip. Please ring Going blue on 0277 Go Blue to check our availability.


The Going Blue team






Downhill biking Coronet Peak Rude Rock into Hot Rod DH trail biking. Picture of bikers, bikes and riders

How your Rude Rock / Hot Rod trip will work?


1. Ring us for availability. Minimum 4 riders required. Pick your day and time. We might have to compromise with the other group if smaller than 4 riders. 


2. We pick you up with your bike, Go Pro and safety gear. Don’t forget water and snacks.


3. A 20 min scenic drive up Coronet Peak to get you started. Pumping tunes provided!


4. Our friendly biker guide/driver will point you to the start (10 minute ride)


5. First lap go easy and feel out the track and any new equipment you might be riding. 


6. 20-30 minutes later meet your driver at the bottom of Hot Rod where it joins the main road. Repeat for 4-hours of non-stop fun!


7. Ride back to Queenstown

Ring "0277 GOBLUE" to book your mates in!