Ride to the Riches: An E-Bike Adventure Through Arrowtown’s Golden History

Discover the Rich Heritage of Arrowtown: A Journey Back to the Gold Rush Era

Explore the Rich Heritage of Arrowtown with E-Bike Rides – Reliving the Gold Rush Era

Nestled amidst the majestic Southern Alps of New Zealand, Arrowtown holds a remarkable history as the epicenter of the world’s most lucrative gold rush. This captivating journey back to the Gold Rush era begins with William Rees, the first settler in Queenstown, who inadvertently unearthed a treasure trove. His discovery lured over 2,000 adventurers to Arrowtown, Macetown, and Skipper’s Canyon in pursuit of their fortunes. The result? An economic boom, as small communities sprang up along the Arrow River and an astonishing 420 kg of gold was extracted in the summer of 1863.

But as winter set in, the gold supply dwindled, and miners had to venture into perilous territory to find their golden dreams. Many miners abandoned Arrowtown, causing a dramatic economic decline. To revive the town, the local Otago council extended an invitation to the Chinese, who played a crucial role in revitalizing the gold mining industry, staying in stone-built houses until the 1920s.

Today, these historic Chinese houses stand as a testament to the town’s enduring legacy, attracting a growing number of visitors to Arrowtown. While the miners of yesteryear have faded into history, the remnants of the golden era continue to enthrall. Arrowtown has transformed into a charming old-western town, evoking the spirit of the gold rush days, with tree-lined streets leading to countless golden tales.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Arrowtown’s heritage with our e-bike rental and shuttle services. Explore the town, visit the stone-built houses of the Chinese miners, and wander down the tree-lined paths, reliving the stories of the mining days. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or an adventure seeker, Arrowtown is a bucket-list destination that should not be missed. Book your e-bike ride today and discover the enchanting history of Arrowtown.

Discover the Magic of Arrowtown: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Adventure


-Arguably one of the best rides in New Zealand. 38kms & 4 hours of pure riding pleasure.

“The scenery is out of this world, 10/10 would do this again.

Alex L Trip Advisor

“This trip was a highlight of our holiday in Queenstown!”

Phillip G, Trip Advisor

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Queenstown, I have done it twice now.

Dave Bain, Trip Advisor

What to Expect?

Starting with a 20 min scenic shuttle into Arrowtown. Let our guide give you a brief lesson into the history of Gold Mining 💰 and some intriguing facts about our exquisite town. Here, feel free to ask us anything about Queenstown or Arrowtown.

Upon arrival next to the trail, it will take us 10-15 mins to show you how to ride the bikes and how to get back in one piece. We promise! 🙏

Try any one of the dining options below for breakfast, lunch or brunch. 🤤

In your own time make your way along the Twin River trail across 7 bridges and 3 outstanding rivers. You will not find anywhere in the world like this!

The rivers are great for directions and our detailed maps and great signage mean you rarely get lost. If you do find yourself stuck, we are always on hand to call or text.

A fantastic choice for a family or an incredible date.

The ride is recommended for 12 years* and above but nothing stops the younger and older from giving this one a shot as Arrowtown is 400M higher than Queenstown so a fairly steady downhill gradient with minimal uphill climbs. Again, if you get stuck we can do a recovery shuttle for the same price as Uber.

*A Small E-bike is suitable for 145-150cm +

Want to do this but not sure about fitness?

Here’s where our wonderful E-bike option is a God-send! Barely breaking a sweat and cruise along the river on a $3,990 2022 Giant E-bike. Probably the best rental fleet in Otago. Less exercise and more sightseeing. This option is only a $50 upgrade and 90% of customers choose this choice. ⚡🔋

⬆️309 m ⬇️ 234 m

Note: 4 hours and 30 mins on average of riding at an average pace.

Google Maps -Click here to follow bike path!

Dine options:

AB Bakeries – Arguably the best bakery in Otago. 🥖👩‍🍳🥧🥓
Fork and Tap – Great little pub with fantastic garden dining 🍔🧀🍕
Provisions – Delicious and healthy breakfast, brunch and lunch. 🥗🌿🥑
Slow Cuts – Hidden gem, casual dining. Try the Chicken burger. 🍔🥩
Millhouse (Millbrook Golf Course) – Charming lakeside dining. 🍷🍽️🍰🥂
11th Avenue by Frank’s (Lake Hayes)- A hidden local cafe with great food 🥗🌿☕
The Hayes pub (Lake Hayes) – Beautiful beer garden pub 🍔🍕🍻🌻
Frankton Arm Tavern (Frankton) – Our favourite local pub with chargers ⚽🔋🍻🍕


About the bikes

The Talon or Talon E +
An Iconic standard in the Giant family bike industry.
Simply, does its job. Rugged and grippy with hydraulic sensitive brakes which make you feel totally in control. Even in the Winter. ❄️
Not a step-through

The Going Blue Team

Our highly knowledgeable guides will have your back all the way with text check-ins and support throughout the day. We know these trails like the backs of our hands so we know how to find you if you get lost. Each guide takes pride in commentary and bike expertise. You couldn’t be in better hands!

What we provide

👉2022 Giant Talon E+ bike or Talon pedal bike
👉Water bottle holder (fits Pump bottle) [Except Small Ebike frames]
👉Custom map
👉Support text and reminder
👉Word Locks – No key
👉Transport to Arrowtown
👉Repair kit (optional)
👉A* Customer service

Finish Location

Queenstown Garden’s Entrance

The finish location is Google Maps: Finish Location